Woman Shot Ex "Execution Style"

Woman Shot Ex "Execution Style"

A tight-knit resort community in Pierceton Indiana was rocked Wednesday night.
 A tight-knit resort community in Pierceton Indiana was rocked Wednesday night.  Sonya Lynn Armontrout is accused of killing the father of her two children execution style.         

“I'm really sad.  I prayed and I prayed that it wasn't him,” said Neighbor Don Butts.  

Unfortunately, for  Butts, his prayers weren't answered. His friend and neighbor Steve Carman was shot and killed inside his home.

 Police Armontrout broke inside Carman’s home, waited in a closet and surprised Carmen and his friend by opening fire.  Both men were shot.  After Carmen was struck the first time in the chest, he was stabbed and then Armontrout allegedly shot him in the head. 

 “Very traumatic, very sad situation especially with two small children that were located inside,” said 1st Sgt. Chad Hill, Kosciusko County Sherriff’s Department. 

Hill says they've been called out to custody arguments between Armontrout and Carman in the past, but they've never been this violent.

“We aren't sure the exact motive in what culminated in the execution style shooting performed on Mr. Carman,” said Hill

Carmen owned the resort community that he lived in and neighbors we spoke with say he was starting to turn his life around.

He's going to be  missed because he had a lot of people that really liked him..

 Armontrout is being held behind bars without bond--charged with murder, attempted murder and burglary.

Carman's daughters were taken into protective custody Wednesday night, but have since been turned over to their grandparents. 

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