Wintry Weather Good for Some, But Not All.

Wintry Weather Good for Some, But Not All.

Some businesses are thriving during the winter blast while others are suffering.
The severe winter weather we've been experiencing has made many of us change our day to day plans. Some people can’t go to work, which means no pay. While other businesses are thriving off of this chilly weather.

"When we don’t have school I don’t get paid. When we have a two hour delay then I’m only working two hours less than what I’m supposed to that day," said Tara Muessling, a part time teaching assistant for Fort Wayne Community Schools. She is one of many hourly employees who depend on a routine schedule to make money.

"Missing a paycheck or my paycheck being cut in half because of these missed days is difficult for sure," she said.

School districts have only held class for one full school week so far this year. Out of the nine missed days so far with most likely more on the way, some school districts including FWCS have a waiver for at least two. That means two more days of work coming out of hourly employee’s pockets. But not everyone is suffering.

"We’ve been very busy, we haven't had a unit to rent for the last couple weeks," said Buddy Funk, the owner of Bobcat of Fort Wayne.

"It’s just been absolutely incredible which is great. We've actually been renting some of our used equipment just to take care of people, business has been good," said Funk.

Not only is winter a good selling month, this season has been their busiest yet.

"We’ve had three guys in here today that said their road is snowed in, they need to buy a machine today to get it out there so we're actually going to deliver a machine right now," he said.

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