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Weatherman Versus Food - Spyro's Pancake House - Hungryman Omelete

Friday night means it's time for another Weatherman Versus Food.<br><br>This week, a different kind of challenge.
Friday night means it's time for another Weatherman Versus Food.

This week, a different kind of challenge.

WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon was at Spyro's Pancake House in Fort Wayne taking on a unique breakfast challenge.

Spyro's is serving up a challenge for me first thing in the morning.

Inspired by one of their regulars.

"Well, you know what? We've got a gentleman from Luers who's a football player, and he comes in, he gets the Hungryman Omelet, and a full stack of pancakes," says Spyro's manager Billy Giatras.

They've supersized their popular Hungryman Omelette- and added a side of hash browns, a big stack of pancakes, and a side of fruit.

"So my challenge today- we've got the Hungryman Omelet- four egg omelet- meat, mushrooms, the works."

Actually, it's six eggs.

A protein bomb of goodness- and no time limit.

Just eat it all.

Without the pressure of a time limit-

The omelet and sides go down with ease.

"We're almost done, we're almost done. Oh boy!"

And the final bites.

"Dan's going to be so mad."

Omlete- hashbrowns- pancake- fruit.

"And there we go!"

"There's really nothing you can do to prepare for this, other than just bringing your appetite."

Imagine waking up to that.

Big thanks goes out to Spyro's for creating the challenge.

If you have any challenge ideas for Andrew to take on-

Email him at alogsdon@wfft.com

You can check out Spyro's Pancake House at-

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