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Warehouse owners see fire damage for the first time

It's been over three days since that massive warehouse fire broke out just east of downtown Fort Wayne.

It's been over three days since that massive warehouse fire broke out just east of downtown Fort Wayne.

The warehouse owners were forced to watch their livelihoods go up in flames, and haven’t been able to see the extent of the damage until Thursday.

Dyle Hughes watched helplessly as the warehouse his family has owned for about 30 years went up in flames Monday afternoon. 

“If you have ever been to a war zone, you are looking at one right now,” said Hughes. 

Hughes returned to the warehouse for the first time since Monday’s blaze

Hughes stored everything from car parts, to fork lifts-- most everything is now gone--but he miraculously didn’t lose it all.

“We’ve got about ten cars in here that didn't burn,” said Hughes. 

The property owners are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

“There's like four owners here and we all think we are going to eat some money,” said Hughes.

Hughes says he plans on selling the scrap metal from his warehouse to cover the cost of the clean-up.

“You got all these metal beams and they weigh a lot and by the time you add all that up it should pay for the demolition,” said Hughes. 

 It’s still unknown what caused Monday’s fire.  The investigation is ongoing. 

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