War of Words with Government Shutdown

War of Words with Government Shutdown

President Obama says he's willing to talk about everything, even his Health Care Law but Republicans have to end the Government Shutdown first.
President Obama says he's willing to talk about everything, even his Health Care Law but Republicans have to end the Government Shutdown first.

The President again framed the standoff, as the fault of his political opponents and warned of economic chaos during an hour long session with reporters.

"I apologize that you have to go through this stuff every 3 months it seems like, and Lord knows I'm tired of it."

Looking straight into the camera and apologizing to the American people over what he called "nonsense".  President Obama for the first time offered Republicans a way out of the budget standoff.

Declaring he will sit for negotiations over the federal budget as well as his Health Care Law if speaker John Boenher will pass Legislation re-opening the Governor and extending the debt ceiling for just a few months or even a few weeks.

"Absolutely, I mean what I've said that is that I will talk about anything. So my suggestion to the speaker has been and will continue to be, let's stop the excuses.  Let's take a vote in the House.  Let's end this shutdown right now and let's put people back to work."

Barely an hour later, Boehner said he agrees the nation should pay it's bills but suggested a phone call with the President earlier in the day went badly.

"What the President said today was if there's unconditional surrender by Republicans, he'll sit down and talk to us.  That's not the way our government works.  We can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to borrow more money and live beyond our means.  The idea we should continue to spend money that we don't have and give the bill to our kids and grandkids would be wrong."

That Republican insistence on attaching spending cuts or other matters to the debt ceiling was rejected again by the President who warned of dire consequences in world markets.

"They're aware of the fact that I'm not budging when it comes to the full faith and credit of the United States, that has to be dealt with."

Throughout the day, Republicans stepped up their attacks over the President's approach so far.

"The President is not leading.  It's his way or the highway.  He simply tells the Congress I'm not going to negotiate.  I'm not going to change anything.  That's not leadership."

The President offered a contradictory message at an hour long news conference, on one hand insisting he is ready to talk with the GOP.  Even as he continued to slam Republicans as "hostage takers" and extortionists, language unlikely to get them to rush to the negotiating table.

"If reasonable Republicans want to talk about these things again, I'm ready to head up to the Hill and try.  I'll even spring for dinner again but I'm not gonna do it until the more extreme parts of the Republican party stop forcing John Boehner to issue threats about our economy.  We can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy."

The President may not have won many votes by initially suggesting he may not have any flaws before catching himself.

"I think the American people understand I may not, not I may, I have flaws.  Michelle will tell you.  One of them is not that I'm unwilling to compromise."

After Boehner's news conference, Top White House Aide Dan Pfeiffer tweeted, "Is a shut government and default the preferred Republican path?"

A sign for all the talk about both sides coming together, they are still very far apart.
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