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Voices of Unity Sets Standard of Excellence for Kids in Community

Voices of Unity, a local youth choral program, has made quite a name for themselves over the last 14 years, setting a standard of excellence for kids in our community.
Voices of Unity, a local youth choral program, has made quite a name for themselves over the last 14 years, setting a standard of excellence for kids in our community.

From local appearances, to performing on the USA Olympic Choir Team, this group of kids is showing the world what they're all about and it's much more than just singing.

Voice of Unity started in July of 2000 is changing young lives in our community.

Mr. Marshall White, CEO of the United Performing Arts Foundation and Director of the Voices of Unity says the program is unlike any other choral program in the community, because it deals with much more than just singing.

"Our children today are looking for something else, much more than just the activity.  The Voice of Unity program offers substance along with activity."

White says the group is a haven for strong relationships and support systems.

"I feel like I'm with my family!"

"I like the positive attitude that this group bring me.  At school you don't really get that.  There's a lot of negativity and stuff, but here its a family and we can all be comfortable around each other."

He teaches the students that the things you cannot see are the things that you need in order to deal with the things that you cannot see.

"Patience, consistency, discipline, you cannot see those things.  Those things are hard to obtain, simply because they're not tangible but when you awaken a person, and you make that person aware of the unseen things in life, the soft skills as well as the hard skills which are invisible.  Then you see a change in their inner life, in them as a person."

"He told us how to trust people a lot.  How to sing better and how to live better."

The Voices of Unity have exposed the kids to opportunities that they may have never had otherwise.  The program gives youth a chance for excellence, and excellence is what these kids have already begun to achieve.

"I'm looking down the road and seeing great men and women who will lead, and who will conquer, who are prepared, who are skilled, who are knowledgable, who are equipped, who are conditioned and prepared to lead to make a difference."

"Success, you can always have it."

"You create an environment where kids of all races and all backgrounds wanna come somewhere where they can feel special, unique, and incredible. Where they can feel like I'm not gonna get bullied, they can feel like I'm not gonna be pushed to the side. They can feel like Oh all I want is a choir rehearsal, a song to be taught. They can feel like they have a support system beyond the rehearsals."

"You can be whatever you want. Nobody will judge you here. Nobody will make fun of you, nobody will hurt you. You can just be yourself, here."

A truly life-changing opportunity for kids in our community.  If you have a child who may be interested in joining the Voice of Unity or one of the other 5 programs through the United Performing Arts Foundation, you can register online at UPAF.com or call 260-481-6719.  Auditions are not necessary and no child will be turned away.
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