Viral Video for 10-2

Viral Video for 10-2

Incredible video of a terrifying highway show-down.
Incredible video of a terrifying highway show-down. 

Police say the driver of an SUV was assaulted by a mob of motorcyclists on the streets of New York City, with his wife and 2 year old daughter in the car.

A road rage altercation caught on camera.  The driver of this Range Rover gets caught up in a pack of motorcyclists on NYC's west side highway.

Take a look in the video of how it started.  A biker pulls in front of the SUV appearing to slow down.  The driver accidentally bumps the back tire, breaking the biker's leg.

Between 20 and 30 bikers descend on the SUV, surrounding him.  Police say they begin denting his car and slashing tires.  Fearing for his life, Police say, the driver barrels through the mob with his wife and 2 year old daughter in the car, hitting 3 more of the motorcyclists.

The bikers are now in hot pursuit.  They catch up to him and a cyclist pulls open the door, but the driver of the SUV floors it and gets away.

The chase begins again, and moves off the highway.   This time there's nowhere to go.  Stuck behind NYC traffic, an enraged biker makes his move, using his helmet to bash in the driver's window.

"Ray Kelly of the NYPD says, "He is taken out of the car, he is assaulted.  He received some stitches at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, he has been treated and released."

NYPD are now investigating, looking for the members of the motorcycle group Hollywood Stuntz.

"This is sort of a major stunt event where motorcyclists from various locations come together.  Their ultimate goal is to get into Times Square."

Here they are in this video posted to YouTube.  More than 1,000 motorcycles, dirt bikes, and 4 wheelers taking over times square in 2012.  Now police are checking security cameras for any information that could lead to arrests.
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