Vietnam Homecoming Celebration

Vietnam Homecoming Celebration

The Vietnam Veterans of American is partnering with Parkview Field for a homecoming celebration that will be happening in October.
It's been almost 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, and the group says veterans have never had a proper homecoming.
Organizers say they hope that thousands of veterans will attend.

Vietnam veteran, Bennie Edwards said, "Being in Vietnam I experienced some situations that sometimes I felt were never really properly welcomed home, or recognized for their sacrifice, and the things they did during that war."

He served in the navy for about 4 years, and he says that things weren't always easy.

Edwards said, "Being in Vietnam I experienced some situations that sometimes I felt like I would probably never make it back, but with the help of the lord I, am here today."

Ralph Garcia is the founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 168.
Garcia says he too had a similar experience when he came back from the war.

Garcia said, "It's been 50 years, I got back from Vietnam in 1969, and in those days they told us don't wear you uniforms out on the street, off base, so it was sort of a sad time when a patriot couldn't express overtly his patriotism."

The group won't be using government funding for the event and they're asking for help on donations.

Kevin Howell is organizing the celebration, "they want it from a bottom up perspective, not top down, they want to celebrate at Parkview Field and have other come and celebrate with them."

The group needs to raise an additional $3,000- $5,000 dollars to put on the event.
For more information on donating to the organization you can go to
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