Urban League Committed to ten step plan

Urban League Committed to ten step plan

The Fort Wayne Urban League is taking action. A 10 step plan was presented at tonight's city council meeting. It aims to put an end to the violence.

 The Fort Wayne community is standing up to violence

Leaders with the Fort Wayne Urban League presented a ten step plan at Tuesday’s city council meeting.  The plan is aimed at curbing the spike in local violence. 

“We have 39 murders in Fort Wayne and that’s a serious number for a city this size,” said Jonathan Ray, CEO and President, Urban League.

 Ray says he doesn't know what it will take to stop the violence, but he hopes the proposed plan will be a major shot in the arm for a community riddled by gun violence.

“We don't think that anything on the list of ten is too arduous that we couldn’t get it done,” said Ray.

Ray says people will put their guns down once the city picks up the plan--in fact the first step is simply to have two city councilman take the initiative on. 

“If we do that first one then all the other issues will follow,” said Ray. 

Andre Patterson is the Chair for the Social Status of African American Men.   He says economic opportunities need to find their way to Fort Wayne’s southeast side.

“ The Insanity has to stop at some point.  It’s time for a change,” said Patterson. 

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