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Tour to Help Wounded Military Veterans Makes Stop in Fort Wayne

A tour to help wounded military veterans made a stop in Fort Wayne
A tour to help wounded military veterans made a stop in Fort Wayne.

Wounded Warriors Family Support is raising money for injured veterans through it's country wide High Five Tour.

The tour is stopping in 48 states to raise awareness and collect donations for wounded vets.

This year the group is sponsoring 2 military vets, who each lost 3 of their limbs from roadside bombs.

"We're going to work with Gary and his foundation to build two smart homes.  One in Gunthrie and one is Fayetteville for these two young soldiers in order to improve the quality of their lives."

So far the group has pledged $500,000 dollars to build 2 homes for the sponsored veterans.  When the nation wide tour is complete, the final donation will be the High Five Tour vehicle when it goes to auction.

100% of those funds will be used to build more homes for other veterans. 

The founder of Wounded Warriors Family Support John Folsom says they couldn't have raised that money without the supporters.

Folsom says, "these are very generous people who understand that there's a cost to take care of people.  It's something we should all do to take care of our fellow man."

Wounded Warriors Family Support started the High Five Tour in Massachusetts at the end of last month.  So far they've made their way through about 7 states, with Detroit, Michigan next on the list.

The group hopes to sponsor more than 2 veterans a year as the tour continues in the years to come.

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