Suspects Burglarize Twin Eagles Neighborhood

Suspects Burglarize Twin Eagles Neighborhood

Allen County Sheriff's Need Help Identifying Burglary Suspects

The Allen county Sheriff's Department needs your help in identifying the suspects of a burglary that occurred late last month. The burglary took place at the twin eagle neighborhood near Huntertown. Residents I spoke to in the Twin Eagles neighborhood tell me it's generally a quiet area with friendly people. After this burglary, the neighbors say they'll be more vigilant.

The Twin Eagle addition north of Fort Wayne is an area of mostly new development. Neighbors say they've had few to no issues of crime. Two weeks ago on the night of October 22, Jeremy Tinkel with the Allen County Sheriff's Department says three men in the area took advantage of a garage that was accidentally left open overnight.

"We had several thefts from vehicles and we also had a few thefts from garages which actually turned into a burglary," said Tinkel.

Images were captured from the victim’s security system. They show three different men in the driveway and garage area of a home.

Nearby neighbors are surprised to hear of a burglary in their area:

"As long as you have neighbors on the watch, people will watch for one another and you'll feel more safer," says a four-year resident of Twin Eagles.

Tinkel says burglaries like this one can be avoided if you just pay attention.

"When you're leaving your vehicle out on the street or in the driveway at night make sure you're locking your doors,” Tinkel says. “Make sure your windows are rolled up make sure you’re taking valuables out and not leaving them in plain sight. Take a minute and check if your garage door is closed at night, is the service door locked. Simple steps like that can prevent you from being a victim."

Tinkel also said that security systems not only benefit homeowners but also authorities in the case a crime might occur. Anyone with information about this burglary is urged to call Detective Braun with the Allen County Sheriff's Department at 260-449-7762.

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