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Surveillance Video Shows Possible Arsonist in Tasty Pizza Fire

Tasty Pizza on East State Boulevard reopens their doors after a three month hiatus.

The owner at Tasty Pizza located at 2727 East State Boulevard says he has video footage showing a possible arsonist when his restaurant went up in flames. This comes after the owner laid off five employees when items started to come up missing. Tasty Pizza was forced to close October 7th.

"Had the neighbor come and wake me up about six in the morning and tell me my pizza shop was on fire," said Bruce Schollaert, the owner of the restaurant for two years.

At 4:30 that morning, it started to burn.

"I walked in here and noticed my building had been caught on fire upstairs and there was a lot of smoke damage downstairs," said Schollaert.

Schollaert says the only thing that burned was his second level office. He found that the pizza operation was salvageable. Thanks to a security camera system, Schollaert made another discovery.

"There’s at least 50 minutes worth of footage of this guy running around this store."

This surveillance video shows a burglar searching the restaurant for about an hour. The footage is time stamped in the 3 o clock hour of the early morning.

"The person had to have felt very comfortable here, because no burglar comes in and stays in a place for more than 50 minutes. Burglars are in and out like a heartbeat."

Less than an hour after the burglar's departure, fire personnel were called to the scene of a structure fire. Three months have gone by and the Fort Wayne fire department has not given the fire a cause. Even after viewing the surveillance the investigation has not been turned over to police.

"It was terrible, I had to try and find some money to do repairs. I had to figure our how I was going to reestablish and reopen again."

After contacting the Fort Wayne Fire Department about the investigation, they issued this statement:

             "As of today this incident remains under investigation. The Fort Wayne Fire Department has been in communication with all parties involved. We have interviewed witnesses and actively followed up on all potential leads including examining the surveillance in question. This investigation remains open and ongoing."


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