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Stutzman: Fiscal Cliff Bill Not Good Enough

Fort Wayne Representative Marlin Stutzman comments on Tuesday's "fiscal cliff" negotiations.
After 518 days to come up with a solution, Congress pushed past its own deadline to solve the problem. Early Tuesday morning and two hours after the "fiscal cliff" deadline, the senate moved to pass a bill.

In a landslide 89/8 vote, the Senate bill prevented middle class tax rates from going up. It raises taxes on families making more than $400 thousand a year, and extends long-term unemployment benefits by a year.

After lengthy negotiations, House leaders agreed to move forward with a final vote on the plan. Early Tuesday, WFFT spoke with local Representative Marlin Stutzman about his position on the plan.

"The Congressional Budget Office scores it and says it adds four trillion dollars to the defict," said Stutzman Tuesday afternoon. Stutzman claimed the Senate bill did not do enough to address spending cuts.
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