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State Police: Drivers Cause Accidents, Not Road Conditions

Dozens of car crashes happen over night
"Car driving behavior causes most of the crashes we see during these winter months." Sergeant Ron Galaviz, Indiana State Police.

Dozens of crash reports were filed with police overnight. 57 of them happened right here in Fort Wayne. City, county and state road crews worked all night to make the roads safe.

"We estimate that about 1800 to 2000 pounds of salt were put down throughout the district last night," said Mary Foster with the Indiana Department of Transportation.

"Freezing rain and freezing drizzle, and what it was creating was black ice so it's hard to see the ice on the roadway. You can be pretty sure though that if you go outside and there's ice on your vehicle, there's going to be ice on the roadway," said Foster.

There were hundreds of crews working through the night coating roads with salt. Police recorded all of the overnight crashes between seven at night and nine in the morning, 

Fort Wayne police report 57 vehicle crashes with four reported injuries inside city limits.The Allen County Sheriff's Department says they took reports for about 33 car crashes and 6 injuries. State Police are reporting16 car crashes in northeast Indiana.

State police sergeant Ron Galaviz says when the weather gets bad, it's important to drive accordingly to avoid injuries.

"Car driving behavior causes most of the crashes we see during these winter months," said Galaviz.

"People on 1-69 going 65-70 miles per hour, that's too fast for the conditions, you have to slow down for the conditions," said Foster.

There's a chance of snow during this week but roads should remain pretty dry throughout. INDOT says the biggest part of adjusting to road conditions during winter months, is to slow down.

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