State Police Advise Vigilance on the Road During Holiday Weekend

State Police Advise Vigilance on the Road During Holiday Weekend

Labor Day is one of the deadliest weekends for traffic fatalities.

Friday marks the beginning of Labor Day weekend. While several motorists are hitting the roads to travel for the holiday weekend, there are vital tips drivers should be aware of before getting behind the wheel. WFFT spoke to highway safety officials and has more on how to avoid injuries on the road this weekend.

The national safety council says Labor Day is one of the deadliest weekends for drivers. Traffic fatalities are increased by 14 percent but there are things you can do to prevent accidents.

AAA predicts about 34-million American’s will travel during Labor Day weekend. Many of them will use the same method.

"85 percent of those travelers are going to be traveling by road,” said Cheryle Stump of AAA. “So it's really important safety wise that if you are going to hit the road for long periods of time, make sure you check your vehicle before you go."

Sergeant Ron Galaviz with Indiana State Police agrees being prepared is being safe.

"Make sure that your vehicle is mechanically prepared to travel,” he said. “Make sure that you as a driver is prepared, make sure you have plenty of rest, you've got a supply kit in your vehicle in the case of an emergency. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best."

Phill Talarico's job requires him to travel but he says he's not worried about the extra bustle.

"Trying to keep the truck on the road is hard enough during a blizzard, for a holiday like this is nothing," said Talarico.

The National Safety Council predicts 400 traffic fatalities this weekend alone. Galaviz urges drivers to be cautious for others when getting behind the wheel.

 "Being a heavily traveled weekend, we know there's going to be more cars higher propensity for crashes,” said Galaviz. "Our overall goal for traffic safety is the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities to be at a bare minimum."

Cell phones are the number one distraction while on the road. so after making sure your car is travel ready, state police advise all electronics and distractions be out of reach for drivers.

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