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Small Business Saturday Thrives Another Year

The Downtown Improvement District offers incentives for people to shop at local businesses.

Small Business Saturday is just one way the community thrives from local spending. Many store owners and shoppers say they're pleased with the days turnout. Black Friday is behind us now shoppers across the nation are focusing on shopping local.

"Go shopping inside the little stores and not the big well known stores," said a local shopper.

Consumers in downtown Fort Wayne were just a trolley ride away from spending their dollars at the shops that are the backbone to the city. Some are familiar with the stores but many others, like Kim Kelso, are getting the downtown shopping experience for the first time.

"I actually work downtown and I haven’t visited any of these stores before so lots of new finds for me as a shopper," said Kelso.

Nationwide, the U-S small business administration says small businesses account for 54 percent of all retail sales. Small Business Saturday was created three years ago to boost business at local stores. It’s something Jack Overmyer at B & B loan Company says has saved his business.

"All small businesses in general are really suffering,” said Overmyer. We need any kind of help that we can get, especially in downtown because of all the shopping malls people don't come downtown anymore,” he said.

The recognition goes a long way.

"Yes, we do see quite a bit more volume which is great," said Overmyer.

Small Business Saturday is just one day out of the year to promote local mom-and-pop shops. Know that these are open all year round waiting for your business.

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