Shots Fired Scare Huntington Residents

Shots Fired Scare Huntington Residents

Huntington Police investigate a shooting that occured Saturday evening.

One man is in custody after shots rang out in Huntington Saturday night. No one was injured in the shooting.

Tara and Jeremy Downey have lived on the corner of Crescent Avenue and LaFontaine Street for two years.

"I dont know what his purpose was if he was doing it for fun or what but...It could have affected a lot of peoples lives," said the couple finishing each others sentences.

They say its a family friendly neighborhood with several children. However, Saturday evening at about 5:40, that intersection where the Downey's reside, was the scene of a crime.

"It wasnt just one round or two, it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom...Nine," said Jeremy Downey. "There was nine gun shells I think, he shot three in the air, three forward and three at the ground."

Huntington Police offered no comment about the shooting. In a press release, Chief of Police Everett Carroll says a suspect is in custody but has not been charged.

The Downey's have a nine-year-old son and another on the way. They say this isn't the type of environment they want to raise their children.

"Our son could have been in the yard, no matter how safe we had him, something could have happened to him," said Downey.

Huntington Police have not released the suspect's identity.

Residents of this Huntington neighborhood say that this shooting was unusual because it's typically a peaceful neighborhood.
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