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Residents in Wells County Not Thrilled About Wind Turbines Going Up in Area

Some residents in Wells County are not thrilled about the wind turbines going up in their area.
Some residents in Wells County are not thrilled about the wind turbines going up in their area.

Recently, the Wells County Area Plan Commission Board voted 6-3 to approve the wind turbines being built and their location.

Officials tell us the benefits the wind turbines will bring to the county, and residents who say it will just be an eyesore.

"I don't think I would want to see it in my backyard ya know.  I think that it would be just a big eyesore really", says homeowner Loren Landis who believes the idea of building windmills in Wells County is unnecessary.

"They are noisy, who wants that out here?"

Landis, like numerous other residents who don't want wind turbines in their backyards.  However, the Wells County Area Planning Commission already passed a plan that will up 128 of them.

"Their is the south half of both Liberty and Harrison township, and Chester, and Nottingham township."

Michael Lautzenheiser is the Director of the Wells County Area Commission.

"We voted to approve 2 different projects, the southern park of Wells County, those 2 projects, on is in Wells County Wind and Wells County Two."

The commission says it's in the planning process right now.

"As of right now, the only thing that has been done is the approval for the siding.  The company's had yet to complete their process with getting their road use, and drainage agreements, decommissioning plan, and economic development agreement done with the County Council and Commissioner."

Lautzenheiser says the turbines will help them save money on energy bills, and it's a source of green energy.  Landis disagrees.

"If it's something that would help us with energy it could potentially be a good thing but has it really been a proven method?"

The County Commissioner and County Councils still have to review the economic development agreement and the decommissioning plans for the project.  Anyone that opposes the commission's decision has 30 days to appeal it.

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