Rescue Mission to House Hundreds More During Snow Storm

Rescue Mission to House Hundreds More During Snow Storm

A potentially dangerous snow storm keeps the homeless off the streets.

As the city and plow divers prep for the largest snow storm so far this year, many are helping others prepare in the form of donation. Over the next few days, the downtown rescue mission will house hundreds more people than usual.

George Scott with the Rescue Mission is handeling the surge in donations this weekend.

"Without the community we could not provide our mission to provide a home for the homeless, food for the hungry and hope for their futures with Jesus Christ," said Scott.

On a normal night, just over 50 beds are occupied, but with temperatures dropping below zero, they have to make room for more.

"we also have about 37 cots that were donated. once those are full.... we can put about 60 other placemats, blankets and pillows to provide shelter to those in need," he said.

Friday night, the Rescue Mission housed close to 150 people including women and children. With a staff of only 68, they aren't able to do it on their own. that's where Jacob Septer comes in.

"We heard about everyone coming in yesterday and they needed help, so we came in and htey needed things like thermal underwear and water and things to help out," said Septer. "We stayed and helped organize blankets, coats and things to make it easier for them so they can do their job and help people."

Between volunteers and generous donations, the rescue mission is able to help hundreds of the less fortunate.

"We don't have the staff to do that so with the community digging into their resources, their money, their time, clothing new or gently used, it is a great time for those in need," said Scott.

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