National Work Zone Awareness Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week

<P>This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week, last year alone eight people were killed and 500 injured in work zones on Indiana roadways.</P>
Indot tells us this week is a huge reminder for drivers to be extra catious, that means eliminating distractions, talking on cell phones, and texting while driving.

The Indiana State Police will also be increasing their patrols around work zones and Indot tell us that they are going to be starting some new road construction projects on Monday.

Mary Foster said, "The problem with being in a work zone is a lot of times your lanes are narrower there aren't shoulders that you can escape onto that type of things so you're reaction time has to be a lot quicker."

Indot says their goal is "to maxamize both the safety and mobility of motorists and workers while maintaining as much access as possible to businesses, residences and emergency services."

Motorists can learn more about highway work zones aw
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