Mayor Announces New FWPD Chief

Mayor Announces New FWPD Chief

The new Chief of Police wilol assume duties first thing next month.

A historic move here in the Summit City

Mayor Tom Henry has appointed the first ever African American Police Chief.

This morning city leaders announced their selection of Garry Hamilton, a 19-year veteran of the department and a Fort Wayne native. Wfft spoke to Hamilton about his plan for the city, and what he'll do to try and get a handle on all the recent crime.

Hamilton has served in a list of different positions from patrolman to detective then sergeant in the robbery and homicide division where he spent 14 years.

"I went to the office of internal affairs, then I was made a captain. I went to the southeast as a captain, from there I went to the Allen County Prosecutors Office as a liason officer. Then I was promoted to deputy chief of northeast quadrant. I was transferred to the southeast quadrant for the city of Fort Wayne where I served," said Hamilton.

Fort Wayne and Allen County have seen 44 homicides this year already, tying the all time record for the city..... Although Hamilton has not started chief duties yet, he is already thinking of a plan to curve the crime rate.

"I’m in charge of the southeast side so I need to take a serious look at how things are done, then I can come up with a good plan to address the homicide rate," he said.

Fort Wayne is not just a place of employment for Hamilton. It's also where he was born and raised. He hopes this connection with residents will make him no less approachable as chief.

"I grew up southeast as a child and if they haven’t been able to communicate with me then, the problem is not on me it's on them because I will always be there," he added.

Hamilton says his helping hand in the community won’t stray.

"Get out there and beat the streets and really walk and talk to the people.” He said. “I plan to stay active, just because you're chief of police doesn’t mean you can get inactive. You got to stay active and be accessible to the community. We need to bridge that gap between the community and the police department."

Hamilton says the promotion came as a surprise.

"I wasn't looking forward to getting promoted to the Chief of Police....Mayor looked at the candidates, and I was selected. I'm satisfied."

Hamilton will assume his new duties on January 1st. The next day he will be officially be sworn in as the Fort Wayne Police Department's Chief of Police.


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