Local Syrian Americans Protest for Peace

Local Syrian Americans Protest for Peace

More peace rallies are held to protest against military action in Syria.

While the world waits to see if the U-S will strike against the Syrian Regime, local Syrian Americans’ and peace groups in Fort Wayne are protesting for peace. WFFT was at the peace rally downtown Saturday.

This is the second Saturday in row where crowds have held a peace rally against military action in Syria. This time the event was organized by local Syrian Americans’. They say they're scared for their families lives oversees.

The local group of Syrian Americans’ were joined by Fort Wayne for peace who held last weeks event. The crowd held signs demonstrating peace and chanted to oncoming traffic. Sam Jarjour says he has too many family members to count. Many of them are in Syria.

 "The crew’s missiles that rain on Syria could be taking out my family members so I definitely don't want to see it there. My family could be devastated by U.S. action and is being devastated by U.S. action."

Jarjour is one of many local Syrian Americans living in Fort Wayne. Also protesting for peace was Dana Tomeh, an 18-year-old student at IPFW. She says she loves being an American but just wishes these issues could be solved differently.

"Everyone in the United States comes from somewhere. My somewhere just happens to be the United States. I was born and raised here, I'm an American and I love this place. This is my home, but I do still have family back over there. I try to call them as much as possible just to make sure they're okay anytime that we can over the phone or on Skype."

The group says they plan to make this a routine rain or shine until their voices are heard by congress.

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