Local Group Raises Awareness on Child Abuse

Local Group Raises Awareness on Child Abuse

A startup group T.R.A.C.K. is raising money to educate the community about child abuse.
According to the National Child Abuse Data Center, more than three-million reports of child abuse are made nationwide every year. To curb these statistics, a local group is taking action. Three Rivers Arts Center for Kids also known as "TRACK" is raising money and awareness about child abuse.

TRACK is a program designed to raise awareness about child abuse in the community. Organizers say this program is unique from others in the area because track believes in expressing yourself through art.

"We wish to be a safe haven for children who have been abused sexually, mentally, or physically," said Patty Hunter, an organizer with the group.

The group admits to being in the early phases of becoming established, but founder Terry Doran says that hasn’t stopped them from making a plan.

"Our step right now has been vision one to raise awareness because we don’t have the money we're not really ready for a building," said Doran.

Until they have their own actual center, track will continue to educate children like Jocelyn Cooley to learn what they're not getting in school.

"A lot of times when someone or a child gets abused, they don't want to tell anyone because they're afraid something’s gonna happen. So I feel like if we did learn more about it in school we would know the precautions," said Cooley, 12.

Through partnerships with SCAN and the YWCA, the hope is that track can one day help the next aspiring non-profit carry out their legacy.

"That’s what it's going to take is all these groups working together and to get kids to feel comfortable in a space where we can have volunteers work with them."

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