Local Company Makes Worldwide Impact for the Visually Impaired

Local Company Makes Worldwide Impact for the Visually Impaired

Leading technology is available to visually impaired at no cost.
Window Eyes is a program designed specially for the blind and visually impaired. The computer system talks to the user giving them the capability of any seeing person.

This technology was created right here in Fort Wayne back in 1990 by GW Micro. It has made a way for the visually impaired to overcome hurdles like getting a degree or job. Now Microsoft has made the software is available to anyone, despite what their bank account looks like.

"I actually started to lose my eye sight when I turned 18 so I had to investigate different technologies to allow me to be able to continue to be successful," said Jeremy Curry who works with the Fort Wayne based company. "Technologies like this are what I use not only in my professional life but also in my personal life," said Curry.

Curry is legally blind. He says this program has saved ability to function.

"Once you overcome the emotional hurdles, now the technology barriers in regards to economics aren’t there and are able to get that technology and move forward."

"This is a big game changer," said Dan Weirich, Vice President of marketing for GW Micro. "Microsoft has made this available so anyone who owns Microsoft 2010 or later can receive our product window eyes at no charge," said Weirich.

Before the product cost hundreds, of dollars to use at home. Carlos Taylor is fully blind but teaches and mentors at ball state university. Without window eyes, graduating from college would have been a strain.

"Without this technology I would not be able to use a computer. As we all know today, computers open so many doors to so much information to so much access," said Taylor. 

Window Eyes is now available for free in 15 different languages. There are currently dozens of people in Fort Wayne who rely on the technology and thousands more around the world.

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