Local Church Prays for Family of Homicide Victims

Local Church Prays for Family of Homicide Victims

Abundant Life Church in Fort Wayne holds a special service on city crime.

A local church calls for a community prayer to remember homicide victims from this year. If you recall, 2013 has seen the highest number of homicides since its record year in 1997.

While many are bringing in the New Year with their families, some can only take memories. Leaders at Abundant Life Church in Fort Wayne are reminding the families of murder victims that they aren’t forgotten.

"It’s a devastating experience, it still effects me til’ this day,” said U’rica Winder whose fiancé was a homicide victim in 2010.

“He was the number nine homicide and we're still currently seeking justice," said Denise Trigg who lost her son from a shooting in March.

"My son Demarcus Adams was killed and I held him for 17 minutes until he died," said Trigg.

Adam’s is just one of 44 homicides in 2013 a record tie with 1997 for the most homicides seen in one year. Adam’s is just one of the majority that have not been solved.

"Everyday I'm out on the streets wondering is that the people, is this the person? So I'm empty but I have faith," said Trigg.

Before entering the New Year Abundant Life Church organized a special service to recognize grieving family members like Trigg and Winder.

"Just letting them know that we care and are concerned about their families, their well being and their mental state," said Chris Ford, worship pastor at the church.

"We are just trying to rally up all the other believers in our community. Believe God and trust that he will heal our city and that all of this violence that has taken place will come to an end," said Ford.

A slideshow with every victim’s name was used to remember every life lost, as well as prayer. Winder lost her fiancé in 2010. She is a firm believer that prayer works.

"Get the pastors involved and pray more because without the pastor's crime is just going to keep increasing and increasing," said Winder.


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