LaGrange County Sheriff's Dept. Arrests Two for Illegal Deer Hunting

LaGrange County Sheriff's Dept. Arrests Two for Illegal Deer Hunting

Two men were arrested on multiple charges.

Two LaGrange County men were pulled over for a traffic stop but after inspecting the vehicle, deputies arrested Roderick Barnell Jr. and David Shaffer.

It started Saturday evening when a sheriff deputy was patrolling an area near county road 125 in LaGrange. A deputy saw the car shining a spotlight into a wooded area which isn’t illegal if you’re just looking. The pair was involved in much more than deer spotting.

“If you take a shot at night you don’t know what's behind your target,” said Kyle Buchanan, Indiana Conservation Officer. "There could be a house or livestock or something behind the target that you could hit and injure somebody," he said.

Buchanan was called to the scene near east 700 north where LaGrange deputies requested his assistance. During a traffic stop, it was discovered that these men, were in violation of several laws. The LaGrange County Sheriff's Department says the pair possessed eight grams of meth, two meth labs and meth precursors. All are felonies.

Deputies also searched the vehicles and found these three firearms, one of which was loaded which led deputies to believe they were deer spotlighting the illegal way which is a class c misdemeanor. Barnell has been charged with a list of felonies including:

Three class d felonies for possession of a precursor, maintaining a common nuisance, unlawful possession of hypodermic needle. He was also charged with possession of methamphetamine with a firearm a class c felony, manufacturing meth a class b charge and use of artificial lights while in possession of a firearm.

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