Iconic Statue Will Stay Put

Iconic Statue Will Stay Put

After controversy the iconic statue will stay place in Fort Wayne at Freimann Square.
The iconic statue of revolutionary war general, Anthony Wayne is going to stay put.

Originally, Mayor Tom Henry wanted to move the statue across the street to the Courthouse Green.

Last night, City Council decided to keep the statue in its place, but give it a bit of a facelift.

In recent months, theres been a lot of debate on whether the historic Anthony Wayne statue is visible enough for visitors coming into Fort Wayne.

They wanted it moved, while many taxpayers said it should stay put.

Mayor Tom Henry, "we need to get him out in the open, so people can see him so people over our city."

The original proposed plan would have used $75,000 of tax payers money in order to make the move, across the street to the Courthouse Green.
The council decided against it after listening to feedback from residents, so the council along with the Parks and Recreations presented a new plan to the mayor.

Al Mole said, "the mayor is able to strike a solution with the preservation trust, and they will step up, and bring 100 thousand dollars to help improve the lighting, to help dress it up a little bit."

Mole adds, "this is non-tax payer money, this is being put up by private funds, and we are fortunate enough to have a parks system, they came forth to help us out with this and provide a positive solution."

Resident Jeanne Sheridan is happy the statue is staying put,"I think the importance of this statue to the city of Fort Wayne, and it's citizens it represents our history and the development of our city as a major transportation, and commerical area, and we just like to come to Frieman square."

The private donations being used for the project will include lighting improvement at the base of the statue, trimming the trees, and the resurfacing of the bronze general.
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