Hundreds Gather for Immigration Reform

Hundreds Gather for Immigration Reform

The Hispanic Leadership Coalition of Northeast Indiana organizes a peaceful rally in downtown Fort Wayne.

Hundreds gathered outside the Allen County Courthouse to support immigration reform. The rally was organized by the Hispanic Leadership Coalition of Northeast Indiana is pushing for house representatives to schedule a vote to legalize immigrants.  

A group of hundreds shut down Berry Street between Clinton and Calhoun. Their goal is to get the attention of local Congressman Marlin Stutzman. The group hopes Stutzman would be a voice for House Representatives to have immigration reform added on the next voting ballot.

People of different backgrounds and ethnicities joined together to support a hot topic in D.C., immigration reform.

"I came to support my mom," says Denise Ramirez who tells WFFT that her mother is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. "She doesn't work because it's hard for her to get a job so my dad's the only one working."

There are millions of others like Ramirez facing the same hardships. Although Sunday's group was largely Hispanic, the message was not only directed toward them, but all local minorities.

"We have Africans here we have Burmese, we have a lot of Asian communities and we might even have some Europeans that are here without documents," said Father Sam Cunningham of St. Patrick’s church in Fort Wayne says the large minority population at his place of worship deserves more rights.

"There are people here that are working very hard that are contributing to this country and they should have a right to make their name known," he said.

The event has prompted other local minority organizations like the Fort Wayne Urban League to speak. Youth director John Foster says it's only right.

"We can't be the Urban League and deal with minorities then discriminate against somebody so we in this together and at the end of the day we're talking about America and anything we can do to strengthen our country, that's what this is all about."

"We keep pushing and we keep making noise that we want this reform to make it to the floor," said Cunningham.

Congressman Marlin Stutzman could not be reached for comment. The organizers of this event say they will continue to try and make their voices be heard.

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