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Hoosier Millionaire Gameshow Returns

After nearly a decade hiatus, the Hoosier Millionaire will return on it's 25th anniversary.
The Hoosier Millionaire game show is back! The classic show started 25 years ago in 1989. After its 16-year run, the show is now relaunching to make more millionaires. You may remember Tony Lamont from the original show. He is also joining the gameshow again as a host.

"This is an opportunity for folks who used to play the game to play the game again and also for those young kids that didn't get an opportunity to play before to get the ticket and participate too," said Lamont.

To be a live contestant on the show, players can enter their non-winning lottery tickets to hoosierlottery.com/my lottery. The show will tour all around the state all year. The gameshow is coming to Fort Wayne April 17 at the Memorial Coliseum.

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