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Homelessness Becomes Increasing Problem in Allen County

Homelessness is becoming an increasing problem here in Allen County.
Homelessness is becoming an increasing problem here in Allen County.

More families and individuals are being turned away for housing and resources because there isn't enough space and supplies.

In January, the Allen County United Way and Area of Homelessness Council did their annual count of people in need of shelter.  They found that the number compared to previous years is going up at an alarming rate.

Brian Wrightsmith says the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission was there when he needed help. 

"I've been here about 2 months and I didn't have no where else to go so here I am."

Many others in Allen County are not as lucky as Wrightsmith.  Richard Cummins with the Rescue Mission says space is limited.

"We've seen an overall increase of about 12% in the total people we serve.  There just aren't enough beds in Fort Wayne.  There are les than 500 beds and we actually had to turn away 1,400 women and children that we didn't have the space to fulfill."

Cummins says not only is demand increasing, but at the same time supplies are decreasing.

"We need to raise the resources to match the need."

Tony Ley works with a program that provides food and necessities to those in need.

"This used to be reserved for dish soap and laundry soap and as you can see we're just about completely out."

The Fort Wayne Homeless Council is aware of these issues and they're making plans to get more people employed in hopes that homeless individuals can provide for themselves.  Also by calling 211, you can get a list of local facilities to make donations.
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