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High Traffic Bridge In Fort Wayne Closed for Construction

A high traffic bridge in Fort Wayne has closed for construction and it may affect your commute around town.
A high traffic bridge in Fort Wayne has closed for construction and it may affect your commute around town.   County Officials say about 19,000 cars use the bridge on North Anthony Boulevard everyday.

It's also used by several pedestrians, especially because of the River Greenway that bridges it's path.  Now that the bridge is closed, some people WFFT spoke to are concerned the closure may cause other problems.

The bridge has seen it's share of wear and tear over the last 40 years.  Now contractors will spend the next 8-9 months giving it a $1.8 million dollar facelift.

Mike Green, the Allen County Public Info Officer says, "We're replacing the entire bridge deck, putting in some new sidewalks, pedestrian railing, and stronger high-beams to support the bridge.  We were going to have problems, big problems with this if we didn't take care of it sooner rather than later."

Anthony Boulevard will be closed between Lake Avenue and Berry Street.  A detour directs traffic toward the Tecumseh Bridge instead.

Mike Gregor used the Tecumseh Bridge everyday by foot or bicycle.  He has concerns about the higher volume of traffic near his home.

"We don't own a car so often times we ride our bikes to get downtown.  It's just gonna have a lot  more traffic and probably make our bike rides a little less safe."

River Greenway Manager, Dawn Ritchie suggest drivers taking this route to be vigilant and says, "A lot of people using Tecumseh Street as a detour route, but also bicyclists and pedestrians will be using it as well so everyone just please watch out."

While the detour may cause a headache for drivers until May, those using the Maumee Pathway do have something to look forward to.

"Now they don't have to worry about traffic on North Anthony because traffic is closed down."

The Maumee Pathway that intersects with the bridge on Anthony will also be closed but just for next week to smooth out the trail.  Officials do advise that while the North Anthony bridge is under construction, please be sure to give cyclists at least 3 feet of space when passing.

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