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Gov. Pence Thanks Local First Responders

If the Snow that hit Northeast Indiana over the weekend wasn't enough, more snow fell on Thursday.

If the Snow that hit Northeast Indiana  over the weekend wasn't enough, more snow fell on  Thursday.

Toni Mayo with the Indiana Department of Transportation says they've made progress clearing the highways, allowing plow drivers to get some much needed rest.  However,  ith freezing rain and snow in the forecast they might be back behind the wheel in no time.

“We are expecting some freezing rain and that means that any place that we had asphalt showing there is a possibility of black ice in the morning,” said Mayo. 

 Indiana governor Mike Pence stopped by the Southwest fire station to thank all local responders for their hard work during the storm. 

Earlier this week Pence declared a state of emergency for 29 counties across the state.

“We are also working expeditiously    to determine whether or not requesting a federal emergency declaration would be appropriate for any of our counties,” said Pence. 

The first responders in attendance say they weren't looking for recognition but appreciate that the governor expressed his gratitude.   

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