Gas City Father Speaks Out on First Holiday Season Without Murdered Daughter

Gas City Father Speaks Out on First Holiday Season Without Murdered Daughter

A murder victim's family mourns during the holiday season.

We bring you an update on an ongoing murder trial in Gas City. Nine months ago, 29 year-old Ashley Rheam was murdered inside her home during an apparent robbery. Two suspects were arrested and now one of them has been sentenced to 65 years in prison. vs

Bob Rheam has had to live through not one, but two murders of close family. First it was his mother, then this year his daughter. He opened up about his first holiday season without her.

"Ashley, she wanted to cook for the family all the time. She wanted Thanksgiving in her house. For the last 5-6 years that's what we had done... and Christmas too."

Bob Rheam says this year has been difficult. The holidays are just another reminder that his only daughter is gone forever.

"It’s kinda tough, you it's not the same and it's never going to be the same no more. Just try to make everyday count," he said.

Ashley Rheam has been gone for nine months now but the family still upkeeps the home she lived in. it's where they continue to keep up the holiday tradition she started.

"My son said he wanted to have Thanksgiving here at Ashley’s," said Rheam.

Ashley Rheam was murdered when suspects Matthew Tyra and Tyrell Lenior burglarized her home. She was shot in the head. Tyra recently plead guilty to the murder. Last month Tyra was sentenced to the maximum of 65 years behind bars.

It may seem like justice was served but Rheam was expecting more.

"I asked the prosecutor for a death sentence, he said he couldn’t do it because of his age. I said what about a life sentence without parole, he said he couldn’t do it," said Rheam.

So far just Tyra has been sentenced. Lenoir on the other hand will be back in court this February for sentencing.

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