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Freedom Riders Benefit for Camp Watcha Wanna Do

Freedom Riders host their first benefit this weekend.
"We are hosting a ride to benefit for camp watcha wanna do, which is a local camp that serves local kids surviving cancer" -Elle Hinton Co-Founder of Freedom Riders

Camp Watcha Wanna do has been a home to children surviving cancer for more than 20 years. It's free for families but there are still many costs that have to be met. Co-founder of the Fort Wayne Freedom Riders Elle Hinton organized this ride because it's something so close to her heart.

It's nothing new for Hinton to ride for a cause, but she says the ride coming this Saturday is special.

"We are hosting a ride to benefit for camp watcha wanna do, which is a local camp that serves local kids surviving cancer," she said.

 Hinton's son Ashton won a battle against leukemia.

"It was a really rough three years and two months of chemo is what he went through," said hinton. "He had two strokes and 17 seizures and we almost lost him a few times but you know but seeing him now he wrestled for snider. He's a big strapping young lad."

Ashton considers himself blessed to tell his story today.

"I was just playing basketball and then you know like you hear you have cancer and it was a lot to take in all at once," said Ashton Jordan. "And to think that God gave us the strength to get through all of that, it's pretty tight."

Ashton went through chemo-therapy when he was just seven years old. he said camp watcha wanna do was there to help him during his lowest moments.

"When you're a child who like is always getting special attention, and always has to do things differently because he or she has a disability, for them to be able to go there with no restrictions and stuff, it's cool. it's to be equals," said Ashton.

Ashton looks forward to joining next years camp as a counselor. he says camp watcha wanna do will always be apart of his life.

"It's my favorite time of the year... it's better than Christmas."

Registration for this begins at ten am this Saturday at Quaker Steak & Lube on Coliseum. Kickstands are up at 11am. The ride will last for about 75 miles and end at Liquid Church on US 27. Lunch and activities will start at 1pm. The cost for each rider is $15 and an additional $10 per passenger.

Camp Watcha Wanna Do needs your help. The non profit organization hosts a week long camp every year for children surviving cancer. The camp has partnered with the Freedom Riders for a benefit ride this weekend.

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