Fire Crews Respond To Blaze on Herbert Street

Fire Crews Respond To Blaze on Herbert Street

Fort Wayne Fire Department crews respond to the blaze in the 1200 block of Herbert Street.
The Fort Wayne Fire Department was on the scene of a blaze at a warehouse and surrounding buildings for hours in the 1200 block of Herbert Street in downtown Fort Wayne.  The smoke could be seen for miles.

At least 50 fire fighters were on the scene trying to put out the fire.  There were flames at least 50-60 feet in the air.

Michael Murphy, a former firefighter came down like many others to watch the flames shooting from the massive warehouse just east of downtown.  He says, "you could see it from just about everywhere in town and you knew what was going on."

Stacey Flemming with the Fort Wayne Fire Department says, "because of the exposure to other buildings, it spread quickly.  We have had roofs collapse and we have had walls collapse."

What started as a warehouse fire, spread rapidly to a nearby storage facility and other buildings.  It is unknown exactly how many buildings were engulfed but we are told that the warehouse may have stored cars.

"It brings back memories from when I first started", says Catrina Elliot who for her the burning warehouse held a special place.

"It was my old GTE building and I started working there in 1978."

Flemming says the materials in the burning buildings are non-hazardous and pose no threat.

The plumes of smoke could be seen from miles away.  A bystander told WFFT that he saw them from Ohio.  Amongst the people watching, there were also those that lent a helping hand.

Brander Baker was just watching the smoke billow out from the warehouse when he noticed several dogs trapped inside.

"We noticed it was fenced in back there so whatever was in there could not get out.  I don't like animals getting abused, they are just like humans and they don't deserve to suffer so me and a couple of guys went there and got the dogs out so they didn't have to suffer."

Baker saved the dogs, but they didn't walk away unscathed.

"He lost a part of his right ear and his left ear was burnt and he had a couple of burn marks through his fur."

Luckily nobody was seriously injured and Baker says the dogs are doing better but he's had no luck getting a hold of the owner.

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