Failing Crops Yield Higher Meat Prices

Failing Crops Yield Higher Meat Prices

The current condition of crops in Northeast Indiana could mean consumers paying more for groceries.

The price of meat may be going up. Beginning the first of next year agriculture marketing consultants predict an increase of about 25 to 30 percent in meat prices. This will trickle down to consumers and could affect your next trip to the grocery store. The higher the cost of groceries, the more money out of your pocket. Agriculture marketing representative David Kohli says now would be a good time to stock up on meats.

"Definitely planning ahead with meat in the freezer is a good idea,” said Kohli. "That’s going to have an impact on the home budget."

Renee Smith buys meat on a regular basis for her family. She says the higher cost will impact her family's eating habits.

"It'll be less food I’ll be able to give them daily. Less snacks more meat, make it last for the month."

Farmers like Michael Werling in North Adams County saw a dry spell during the month of august.

"It’s been about 30 days now since we saw rain right where were standing."

Rain was scarce and Kohli says as a result crops like corn are drying out.

"We will lose some of our corn yield yes because some of the dry weather in august but beans were very adversely impacted," said Kohli. "This puts us even behind last years bean production and we were very short on the bean crop last year."

The production of soy beans which are a major source of cattle feed is suffering. this means less meat in stores yielding higher prices for consumers.

"It’s already too high now, but we know how to make it work," said Smith.

If marketing rep Kohli predicts right, consumers will pay 25-30 percent more for their meats beginning in January of 2014.

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