Eden Green Apartments seek funds for renovations

Eden Green Apartments seek funds for renovations

A $17 million renovation project is proposed for troubled community.

Residents on the South-East side of town say Eden Green apartments have had a negative reputation for years. Now their management company hopes to change that with a new renovation project. Millennia met with “HANDS” or the Housing and Neighborhood Development Service in hopes to get the project funded.

When Eden Green's parent company Millennia, bought the property in 2011, they said a document of criminal activity spanned over three pages and now they're down to one. Millennia hopes this proposed renovation project will continue to cut down the crime.

Shootings and criminal activity over the years has given Eden Green apartments a bad name. But by giving the units a new name and complete facelift, millennia management and the property manager Vikki Overton is hoping this will be a fresh beginning.

"We’re serious about what were doing," said Overton.

That is if they can get the appropriate tax credits from the state to fund the 17 million dollar renovation. Deputy Director of Community Development with the city, Heather Presley-Cowen, supports the project.

"This would be the icing this is why a development like this is so important to a neighborhood. Those funds are available from the state and we need to get our portion to get this job done," said Presley Cowen.

In Millennia's slideshow presentation to the board, they proposed renovations to all 192 units be replaced with modern townhomes. They would be equipped with a better security system, and new residents will undergo a more rigorous screening process before they're allowed to move in. President and CEO of Millennia, Frank Sinito says after multiple evictions, the crime at Eden Green has decreased, and so have their profits.

"We just can’t afford to have a building 50% occupied, right now we're in the eighties and that's not good. We're losing money," said Sinito.

That’s why Millennia says this renovation is needed.

The HANDS board did not come to a final decision today. They will meet later this month to make a decision to give Mayor Henry a recommendation for the renovation funding.

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