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Decatur Woman Denied Health Insurance, Needs Surgery

A loophole in Obamacare has the poorest of the poor left without health care.

Penelope Bell has a long list of health issues that have not had the proper treatment due to a lack of medical coverage. She says she's not eligible for the affordable care act, and now she says she’s all out of options.

"My back is the worst, I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time. I also have a liver condition that makes me where I can't digest food so I'm sick everyday, nauseous until noon I mean I have things I have to go through and right now I'm not even taking all my medicine because I can't afford it," said Bell.

Bell’s wrap sheet of medical issues is only the beginning of her problems. She stopped working in 2011 because her health interfered. She no longer qualifies for Medicaid because her youngest of five children just turned 18.

"When I heard about this Obama care I was kind of excited because I thought that would help me and I'd get insurance because mine ran out 11-1 and right after I started having all these pains," she said.

But after going through the application process, she was given this.

"A little message at the end saying that your income doesn’t qualify for Obama care, please visit your local welfare department."

Bell has an income of 240 dollars a month from back pay of child support which amounts to less than 3-thousand dollars a year. Bell would have to make at least 9-thousand more to qualify for the smallest package under the affordable care act.

Without insurance, she can’t get the proper treatment and medication she would need to start working again. Bell has Bachelors degree in Business Management.

"I can get me job it's just keeping the job that's the problem because I'm always sick in the morning. Or like right now I'm in all this back pain so I sit down but when I stand up, it's over with. The pain just shoots through my leg.

Penelope is just one of many Hoosiers and people around the country who are experiencing trouble with the new universal healthcare system. We will have an update on her story when details are available.

I figure someday it has to get better, someday," said Bell.

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