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Day 3 of Government Shutdown: Political Fight Continues

Day 3 of government shutdown and still no deal. The political fight continues on both sides of the isle.
Day 3 of government shutdown and still no deal.  The political fight continues on both sides of the isle. 

The President went on the offensive speaking to construction workers in Rockville, Maryland.  He lashed out at Republicans about the government shutdown, but didn't say anything new.

"There is one way out of this reckless and damaging Republican shutdown.  Congress has to pass a budget that funds our government with no partisan strings attached."

The blame goes on, this time Republicans played the "human card."

Earlier in the day, Republicans members of the House, who also happened to be medical professionals, took to the podium dressed in white lab coats.  They urged the Democrat Led Senate to pass the so called "piecemeal deal" that would fund individual parts of the government including the National Institute of Health."

At the same event, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor continued the volley and took more jabs at the President.

"For 5 years President Obama has carried an "I won, it's my way or the highway" attitude and he has not reached across the isle to Republicans, who were also elected to solve the major problems of this country.  The President's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has led us to this shutdown."

So where does that leave us on Day 3 of the government shutdown?  At a stalemate.  Lawmakers have yet to reach a deal and many government services remain closed and unfunded. 

The US is also inching closer to the critical date of possible default, October 17th, if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. 
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