Two Local Men Face Charges for Allegedly Abusing and Neglecting a Dependant

Two Local Men Face Charges for Allegedly Abusing and Neglecting a Dependant

Two men are expected in court after being fired for surveillance video allegedly showing them abusing a patient at the AWS care facility.
Two local men are being faced with felony charges for allegedly neglecting and abusing a dependent in a mental facility. The alleged abuse took place at one of the Anthony Wayne care services in Fort Wayne during 2012. We at WFFT wanted to find out how a family can go about choosing a safe and secure facility that is in need of full time care.

Often time’s incidents of patient abuse go unreported because the patient isn’t able to speak up. This case however, is now going to court because it was all caught on camera.

Two men who worked as care providers are now facing class d felonies after a hidden camera caught them slapping and shoving a patient at Anthony Wayne services, a home that cares for the mentally ill. The patient is wheelchair bound and has severe health and behavior issues.

With an incident like this, it only raises concern for those who have to leave their loved ones at the hand of another. Jim Sullivan of home instead senior care says people often make the mistake of not spending enough time on researching the facility.

"This is a loved one, this is not like buying a refrigerator so the time you put into it, you’re going to find that it pays dividends," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says to make regular visits at irregular times.

"Visit at odd times, go at midnight. I know it sounds strange but go at midnight or Sunday afternoon. Pick a variety of times. See what kind of staff to patient ratio, and talk to administration. Found out how consistent they've been over the years," he said.

He says it also helps to find ratings of local businesses online. After searching AWS, I found them listed under a charity through the better business bureau website. They are not accredited because of a failure to disclose requested information over the past year.

AWS would not answer any of my questions about the business. Instead, a-w-s issued this statement:

“AWS takes very seriously any failures in providing the highest standards of care and respect to all individuals we serve.  This is why the persons referenced in these events, which occurred in late 2012, were suspended immediately and then terminated, and why AWS has worked closely with authorities in all aspects of this investigation.  As part of AWS’ continuous quest for quality improvement, we invited outside experts to review training and supervision processes, all of which have been fortified.   Ultimately, all of these actions further advance our goals to ensure the health, safety and respect of individuals with intellectual disabilities.”

The two suspects in this case are expected in court Wednesday morning.

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