Preliminary Designs for the Fort Wayne River Front

Preliminary Designs for the Fort Wayne River Front

Consultants revealed at a public meeting what citizens could see along Fort Wayne's River Front.
The SWA Group, hired back in November 2013, showed the public initial designs of what the Fort Wayne River Front may look like.Pam Holocher, Deputy Director of Community Development said we are half way through the study.

"Now these ideas are preliminary and there really based on all the community comments we’ve received on the website and in person at the Envision Center," said Holocher.

Holocher said what the SWA Group hears back from now until October, will be refined and re-presented. As of now they are looking at 3 themes: Nature, recreation and development to focus on what the public wants to see along the 3 rivers.

“One of the ideas are looking at Lawton Park really as an adventure park as an adventure center with some areas of ecology so you'll see a lot of that," said Holocher.

Other ideas are boot camps for adults and bocce ball. Holocher laughed saying, "You'll see something called a beach!"

Consultants have looked into creating 2 lakes in the rivers.

Kinder Baumgardner with the SWA Group spoke at Wednesday’s meeting.

"These are the results of that so far, so you can see what your friends and neighbors are interested in," said Baumgardner.

Many people showed interest in keeping the natural habitat as well as sitting places. What the SWA Group really worked on is ensuring there is something on the River Front for everyone.

Holocher said that this project is going to make a huge difference for everyone. “Everyone wants to get back to the river they want to get back to the river and envision what they can do on and along the river.”

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