Pink The Rink Weekend nets $15,582

Pink The Rink Weekend nets $15,582

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Courtesy: Fort Wayne Komets

Fort Wayne, IN ---The Komets and the Vera Bradley Foundation announced Wednesday that $15,582 was raised during "Pink The Rink Weekend" at Komet home games Feb. 1st and 2nd.  The "Pink The Rink Weekend" was held to fight breast cancer and promote awareness for early detection and treatment.

As part of the "Pink The Rink Weekend" the Komets wore a one-of-a-kind jersey in support of breast cancer awareness.  The pink jerseys, trimmed in white and black, sold during a silent auction during both games with proceeds donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation.

23 Komet jerseys were sold in auction with Kaleigh Schrock's #79 attracting the highest bid for the second consecutive year at $1,200.  Daniel Maggio's #9 and Brandon Marino's #13 collected the second highest bids of $900 each while Brett Smith's #41 snagged a third-best bid of $850. 
"The Vera Bradley Foundation and the Fort Wayne Komets wish to thank all Komet fans who helped raise over $15,000 for the Vera Bradley Foundation," Komet general manage David Franke said. "Komet fans always step up to donate to the Vera Bradley Foundation on Pink The Rink Weekend."

In addition to the pink jerseys, pink merchandise and autographed pink pucks were sold contributing to the total raised for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.  Additional autographed pink pucks are on sale at Komet Kuarters with proceeds continuing to be used for breast cancer awareness. 

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