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Local Man Dedicates a Dying Wish to Helping Others

A sickle cell anemia patient dedicates his life to helping others.
A local is battling a terminal illness but it hasn’t stopped him from dedicating his life to others. Joshua Jank is a young man that continues to devote the little energy he has to improve the life of others by encouragement and working to give people a safe home.

"He's just taken so many opportunities to use what would be tragedy to most people and turn it around to help other people," said Tim Jank, Joshua’s father.

"I don’t get enough oxygen so I get transfusions. Right now I have a condition where my liver is producing toxins that are destroying my lungs," said Joshua.

Joshua is 20 years old and he's lived with sickle cell anemia his entire life. Five months ago doctors gave Joshua six months to live. After being released from hospice care last august Joshua has devoted all his time to helping others.

He started by passing out red jewels for his campaign called Red Diamond Days.

"I’m passing out red diamonds so people can feel the love of God. They're red for love, it’s a diamond to remind people that God does amazing things through heat and pressure," said Joshua.

His red diamonds have given encouragement to people as far as New York and now he's working on something even bigger. Joshua was adopted when he was six months. Now he's using this contest called "Why I Farm" to fund an international adoption.

“We’re helping a boy in Asia trying to find a family, because I was adopted myself and I loved being in a family,” said Joshua.

Joshua’s mother says in the last year he has become passionate about farming.

"Right now he has a chance to put this passion for adoption and orphan care together with his passion for farming," she said.

The grand prize is originally for $25,000 worth of farming seed, but Josh has made an agreement with the contest holders that if he wins, he can use the money toward giving a foster child a new home.

“It’s amazing that he's not hiding under the covers because of his condition but he's made more of a difference in his short life than many have done in their entire lives,” said Anna Jank, Joshua’s younger sister.

Joshua needs between 40-50,000 votes to win. He currently has more than 1,000. To help him, follow the link below and share. http://whyifarm.com/vote.cfm?autoShow=169

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