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Huntington County Residents Dodge a Bullet

Emergency Management officials are now turning their attention to the gusting wind.
 Huntington County residents prepared for the worst last night, as county officials were predicting record floods.  

 Luckily, the rain stopped and those residents who live along the river dodged a bullet.

Emergency Management officials are now  turning their attention to the gusting wind.  They fear that trees and branches might blow into the river and create a log-jam.

Last month homes along the “Little River” flooded when an ice-jam prevented the river from flowing.

As of Friday afternoon, the river level was at a “moderate” flood level.  Residents who do live along the “Little River” are asked to still keep an eye on the river and keep your sandbags in place.  If you need sandbags they are available at the transportation department headquarters. 


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