Heavy Rain Brings Heavy Flooding

Heavy Rain Brings Heavy Flooding

Heavy rain brought heavy flooding around the region. A number of roads in Fort Wayne experienced serious flooding.

Fort Wayne city crews were able to clear some of the 19,000 storm drains. However, you are asked to make sure your drain is clear to prevent more street flooding in the future. 

Flooded streets, rushing rivers, and high water signs were on display throughout Fort Wayne and neighboring counties creating problems on the road.

"It's a little brisk."

Fort Wayne city crews were busy pumping water from overflowing storm drains and clearing standing water from residential areas.

We met Jim Milligan on his bicycle.  This self proclaimed serious bicyclist didn't let the high water keep him from hitting the pavement.

"I couldn't hitch a ride from anybody so I rode my bicycle from Downtown."

Wyatt Moyers is using his street smarts to avoid flooded areas as he scoots around the wet mess on his moped.

"I know Fort Wayne by now.  I've lived here long enough to know where not to go so I avoid those areas and take side streets.  The ones I know won't be flooded and it's smooth sailing from there."

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