Foellinger Theater Brings Beach Boys to Town

Foellinger Theater Brings Beach Boys to Town

Some big names have been coming through Fort Wayne this summer, and Wednesday night America's band, the Beach Boys played for a sold out crowd at Foellinger Theater.
"In our songs, the only four letter words are girls, surf, and cars." Bruce Johnston Beach Boys Member
The Beach Boys had their first hit song in 1964 with I get around, and now 50 years later are still selling out venues across the country.

Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston explains why their songs are so timeless.

"In our songs, the only four letter words are girl, surf, and cars. So now I'm grown up, now our kids are grown up, and they're bringing their kids to our concerts. That's pretty exciting for me."

Deputy Director of Foellinger Theater Mitch Sheppard has been excited about this season's lineup.

"The community has embraced both the facility and the performers that are coming here. And it's interesting, you'll see people who want to come here because of who is playing. And you'll have people who will say, ok these are my seats I want for the season, now tell me who is playing."

Pacific Coast Concerts Owner Peter Kernan has been responsible for bringing in the big names.
"I know the artists themselves. I know their managers, I know their booking agents. and it was just easy for me to pick up the phone and say look, the Foellinger wants me to book some good shows. Are you guys in? A lot of them said yes, and next year iIm looking for even bigger and better names."

As for the Beach Boys, Bruce says they hope to continue touring for years go come.

"Ya notice your spirit, and your health. and Mike and I decided to skip drugs and alcohol, and our voices are still in tact. The songs are in the same key that they were recorded in, and we love doing this."

If you missed Wednesday's Beach Boys concert, you still have two more opportunities to see concerts at Foellinger Theater. Los Lobos comes to town September 27, and ZZ Top will be here on October 8.

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