Dan Ball

Dan Ball

News Director/Main Anchor WFFT Local News<br />

Dan Ball is an award winning anchor/reporter with nearly 20 years of broadcasting experience. Right after graduating from Archbold High School in Northwest Ohio, Dan enlisted in the military. He entered the United States Air Force as a combat journalist, working for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. Growing up in Archbold, Dan spent his summers in Northeast Indiana in Steuben County, skiing and lounging on Clear Lake.

Dan's first job in the commercial television industry was as a photographer/reporter, working for the ABC affiliate in Palm Springs California. Since then Dan has worked around the country covering every type of story in the newsroom, while working his way up to main anchor. From Presidential races and natural disasters to undercover investigations and even the red carpet at the Oscars and Emmys, Dan has covered it all. 

Dan's career has taken him all across the country, working at the CBS station in Fresno California, the Fox affiliate in Grand Rapids Michigan, the NBC station in Las Vegas Nevada and a cable station in Philadelphia.

Dan has won two Emmy awards and has been nominated five separate times. His first Emmy in 2006 was awarded for his coverage of President Gerald Ford's funeral. The second award came in 2009, when Dan was named "Best Anchor" in the Pacific Southwest Region. He was nominated for Best Anchor three years in a row while working in Las Vegas.

Whether it's investigating a consumer scam, covering breaking news, the economy or politics, Dan's passion is covering stories that relate to the community he lives in. "If it's local and it matters to my neighbors ,the man and woman next door, then it belongs on the nightly news!" Ball said.
In addition to his role as news director and main anchor at WFFT, Dan promises that the newsroom will make a major effort to cover stories that effect veterans and active duty military personnel. In the past Dan has served as a military correspondent, flying with the Air Force Thunderbirds and deploying with the Marines and Air Force on desert training missions. 

"Thanks to these brave men and women, I have the freedom to report stories on television every day. We owe it to them to make sure they have a voice" Ball said.

When he's not in front of the camera or chasing down a lead, Dan enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughter Avery, riding his motorcycle, boating and hiking. Dan is also very active in the community, volunteering to host and take part in numerous charitable organizations. Currently he sits on the Advisory board for the non-profit group, USVETS.

Dan looks forward to living and working in Fort Wayne because he says, "It's like coming home, all of my family and some really close friends still live in Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana. Hopefully they'll all be watching WFFT at 10pm every night now!"

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