Caught on Tape: Family Robbed While Asleep

Caught on Tape: Family Robbed While Asleep

A family is robbed while they're asleep and it's all caught on tape!
A family is robbed while they're asleep and it's all caught on tape!

The family, whose home is in the subdivision of Falcon Creek, discovered missing items from their vehicles.  Checking their home surveillance footage, they saw five teenagers breaking into several cars in that neighborhood.

"Public enemy number two, theft from vehicles."

That was Michael Joyner, Fort Wayne Public Information Officer, back in June after more than 650 incidents of theft from vehicles were reported in Fort Wayne alone.  That number is continuing to climb and one victim is speaking out.

"I'd like to catch these kids and prosecute them.  I think today they break into cars, tomorrow they break into homes.  Somebody needs to stop them."

Frederick Strauss and his wife were sleeping when 4 teenage boys and one teenage girl assisted in stealing from the couple's vehicles at approximately 2:15 in the morning.

"I didn't find out til Tuesday when I went to my car and reached for some Tic Tacs that I normally have between the console.  They were gone, and I didn't think too much of it at the time til I got home later that evening and saw my truck door ajar on my other vehicles.  Then I also noticed an empty Tic Tac container in the street so I went and looked at the surveillance camera and that's when I discovered that somebody had been in our vehicles the night before."

As we looked through the footage, Strauss showed WFFT where two of the young men assisted each other in searching the vehicles for something of value while the other three acted as lookouts.

"Now he finds something that interests him.. it's actually a pack of spearmint tic tacs- the large size, which he presents, shows to his friends out in the street, and throws it to them."

The video goes on for about two minutes with the teens only getting away with a few dollars worth of stolen goods but Strauss thinks he's not the only victim in his neighborhood.

"Ive actually captured these individuals on three cameras.  The first of the three cameras actually shows them coming up the block trying other doors on other cars along the way."

"Do you think these kids live in the neighborhood?"

"I think they do... because when they exited the development, they actually walked through around the back of my neighbor's house and through the wetlands, as opposed to going back down the road and taking the safe and easy way out."

Strauss says he did file a police report in hopes that this surveillance footage will lead to an arrest.

"How stupid to get a police record over a theft of two bottles of Tic Tacs and a $1.99 flashlight."

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