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Big Game Impacts Local Businesses

Local businesses win big with high sales from Super Bowl traffic.

When it comes to the big game, there can only be one winner, but here locally, there are several. Businesses are counting up the dollars from the spike in sales thanks to the biggest television event of the year.

This Sunday is a big day to indulge in party foods.

Pizzeria’s all over are putting all staff on deck to fulfill orders and deliveries. Tasty Pizza is no exception. Owner B.A. Schollaert says they set aside two days for prep.

"Before kick off we got slammed pretty good then after kickoff we got a lot of phone calls for deliveries because no one wanted to leave," said Schollaert.

You can’t have pizza without the wings. Beth White at Wrigley Field Sports Bar says customers are ordering chicken and buffalo wings in bulk.

"50 seems to be the popular number, 100 I got an order for 250 wings. It’s a big business for the wings," said White.

As Seth Morgan from the Kroger on West State blvd explains, the grocery stores are also busier than usual selling out of party trays and food platters.

"This whole weekend has been extremely busy. Our business has been up about ten percent from last year," said Morgan.

The perfect party wouldn’t be complete without an extra large flat screen TV.

"We sell a lot of TV’s this time of year with the super bowl. We see a lot of the 60's 65's 70's going out the door so folks can watch the game on a big TV," said Rodney Anderson from ABC Warehouse on Coliseum blvd.

The National Retail Federation is estimating the big game has stirred up more than 12-billion dollars.

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