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Bar Owner Feeling Pinch from Detour

One local bar owner says his business is down 30 percent because of a construction project blocking his parking lot.
After this past summer, many of us in the Fort Wayne area know the hassle associated with a lengthy construction detour, but for one local bar owner, it's damaging his bottom line.

The owner of the Deer Park Pub in West Fort Wayne says his business is down roughly 30 percent this year. He blames that on the project to re-build the spring street bridge.

For the past year, the city has closed the bridge as crews make way for a new one. In recent months, the intersection of Spring Street and Leesburg Road has been closed, altogether. Those who know the bar is there must drive down a hidden alleyway to access it.

Relief will come soon, however. The bridge and surrounding roads are due to open up on October fourth. The Deer Park Pub is planning a prohibition-themed party to celebrate the end of the era.
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